Report Introduction

2018 has kicked off with all-time high volumes and is showing signs that the full year holds great promise.The ongoing rise of software innovation continues to deliver new companies, business models and jobs.

The unwavering rise of cloud-based applications is a fundamental component of today‚Äôs enterprise software landscape.  New players are fast-moving in on the space to push the boundaries of what used to be impossible.

Enterprise Software report just released (2H2018)

  • AI, machine learning and robotics poised to  attract strategic and private equity interest
  • Strong appetite for education-focused SaaS applications amid digitisation of classrooms and  corporate training processes
  • Private equity firms, as well as other non-traditional technology consolidators, will continue to be aggressive in snapping up assets to build large portfolios

Executive Summary

Deal Geography

Where are the biggest deals happening in the world? Where should you concentrate your efforts to build buyers or disruptive businesses that could help transform your company?

Top Aquirers

A definitive list of the top acquirers: what does this tell us about the direction of the sector and how could this affect your company's M&A.

How much is your company worth? What should you be paying for your next M&A transaction? Get the essential overview on deal values.

Valuation Metrics

Top Buyers in the Report

Why has a new urgency returned to Enterprise Software?

"New technologies, including AI and blockchain, create both opportunities and threats, forcing established vendors to innovate. Most of them, incapable of doing so in-house, utilise M&A to acquire the newest IP and domain expertise. This is one of the key drivers for the upward trend in both volumes and valuations in 2018 within the enterprise software sector."

Miro Parizek

Principal Partner

Hampleton Partners