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As insolvencies of well-known brands continue to make headlines, the retail industry has seen its fair share of turmoil at the hands of fast-moving e-commerce giants such as Amazon.

This year, however, an unprecedented number of big ticket deals lead to a record-breaking start of 2018, demonstrating that the era of large e-commerce exits is far from over.

E-Commerce report just released (2H2018)

  • While transaction volumes didn’t see such a stellar increase, they still rebounded after dipping in 2H2017
  • The share of private equity transactions has soared strongly since the end of 2017
  • Huge consumer demand for e-commerce platforms in Asian markets such as China and India drives aggressive deal making

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Where are the biggest deals happening in the world? Where should you concentrate your efforts to build buyers or disruptive businesses that could help transform your company?

A definitive list of the top acquirers: what does this tell us about the direction of the sector and how could this affect your company's M&A.

How much is your company worth? What should you be paying for your next M&A transaction? Get the essential overview on deal values.

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Why has a new urgency returned to E-Commerce?

"As competition intensifies, established retailers as well as online players are buying out competitors or snapping up individual retail niches. Walmart’s $ 16 bn acquisition of a 77% stake in Flipkart, India’s biggest online retailer, illustrates this trend as well as the huge consumer demand for e-commerce platforms in Asian markets such as China and India. In addition, financial buyers are making up a larger part of the buyer universe than before , bringing new lustre to the sector."

Jonathan Simnett


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Jonathan Simnett, Director at Hampleton Partners, tech M&A dealmakers