Report Introduction

Businesses find themselves in a challenging environment with non-traditional finding inroads into the space and the countdown to the implementation of Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Such challenges are poised to drive consolidation in the sector as firms are looking to M&A as a means to fill gaps in their technology stack, fend off competition from consulting companies entering the space and fill the needs of customers. 

Digital Marketing report just released

  • Digital marketing M&A market retains momentum amid uncertainty around Brexit and Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Digital channels continue to gain ground at the expense of traditional, offline channels after desktop and mobile ad revenues surpassed TV for the first time during 2017

Executive Summary

Top Aquirers

Deal Geography

Where are the biggest deals happening in the world? Where should you concentrate your efforts to build buyers or disruptive businesses that could help transform your company?

A definitive list of the top acquirers: what does this tell us about the direction of the sector and how could this affect your company's M&A.

How much is your company worth? What should you be paying for your next M&A transaction? Get the essential overview on deal values.

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Top Buyers in the Report

Why has a new urgency returned to Digital Marketing?

Just as 2017 proved a landmark year as mobile and desktop advertising revenue surpassed that of TV, 2018 could become the year when technology will drive change in not just how digital marketing services are delivered, but also by whom.

Due to this, the consolidation in the market is likely to retain momentum as the incumbent media giants attempt to fight off competition from the major consulting groups and other entrants. 

Marketing technology will continue to gain momentum with the rise of programmatic marketing and the growing need for holistic customer journey management to map and integrate the multitude of channels available today.

Ralph Hübner

Sector Principal

Hampleton Partners