Report Introduction

Science fiction is becoming fact as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) enters our daily lives.

Manufacturing and healthcare are two vertical industries that have made significant headway in applying AR/VR technologies into their day-to-day work process. 

Hampleton's latest AR/VR report focuses on recent developments across major industries, companies and sub-sectors. 

AR/VR report just released

  • Amongst the tech heavyweights and hot start-ups, global companies Cisco, HP and Accenture entered enterprise VR in 2H 2017
  • Advancements in display technology are largely responsible for the 47% growth in the tethered head-mounted display category
  • Increases in start-up acquisitions in a race to integrate technology. This will drive growth in AR/VR as tech giants will be led to create innovative products and platforms 


Top Aquirers

Deal Geography

Where are the biggest deals happening in the world? Where should you concentrate your efforts to build buyers or disruptive businesses that could help transform your company?

A definitive list of the top acquirers: what does this tell us about the direction of the sector and how could this affect your company's M&A.

How much is your company worth? What should you be paying for your next M&A transaction? Get the essential overview on deal values.

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Top Buyers in the Report

Why has a new urgency returned to AR/VR?

"Since AR/VR has its technical roots in the gaming industry it was foreseeable that it would get more social (in addition to the very successful multiplayer games). Rather than one person entering a virtual world, consumers can now share virtual experiences, addressing previous apprehension to the market.

Whilst AR/VR was predominantly used to support sales and marketing, more and more effort now flows towards AR/VR in supporting industry and manufacturing processes. Progress is slower than the optimists had hoped, yet it seems to be stronger and more sustainable than the pessimists predicted."

Heiko Garrelfs

Sector Principal

Hampleton Partners