Join Hampleton Partners for our Nordic Tech M&A Webinar

The tech industry has turned into a disruptive force that is reshaping the global landscape as we know it. With the World Economic Forum having announced Sweden as the second most innovative country in the world and Denmark and Finland both appearing in the top 10, the growth of Nordic tech companies is expanding at a rapid rate, which means M&A is set to do the same.

The Nordic region is the birthplace of many world-class tech unicorns that are transforming the way people live and businesses operate. SpotifyiZettleSkype and WirelessCar are just some of the names that come to mind when thinking about #Nordictech.

But what makes the Nordic region so special when it comes to tech?

We’re only at the beginning of fantastic expansion in the Nordic tech scene and Hampleton’s two key Nordic and international M&A experts, Michel Annink and Henrik Jeberg will be on hand in our latest webinar to share their 50 plus years’ of combined experience to help you think about the best strategic decisions for your tech company.

Hampleton Partners’ approach is to think of M&A as the new R&D, with companies across all sectors turning to M&A to acquire the technology and talent they need quickly and effectively to stay competitive. The intense rate of innovation means many companies can’t work through the traditional R&D cycle – they just won’t survive.

Your company could benefit from this mindset – just ask iZettle and PayPal!

Join Michel Annink and Henrik Jeberg on our exclusive webinar (held on different dates) to hear their perspectives first-hand. What are the market trends; the practical steps and the issues you’ll need to address when you’re thinking of selling your business – and is it the right time? We’ll be covering the following:

Preparing your business for sale in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

  • Understanding the M&A process
  • Insight into market trends, valuations and transactions
  • Recent case studies
  • Understanding whether now is the right time to exit
  • Sneak preview into our upcoming market reports, exclusive to our webinar registrants

Sign up to any of our three webinar sessions and login details to access our webinar platform (Livestorm) will be provided 48hrs before the webinar.

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About the speakers

Michel Annink

A Director at Hampleton Partners, responsible for the Nordics region. Based in Stockholm, Annink has 25+ years experience working with international tech giants, such as Toshiba TEC, Microsoft Corporation and Salesforce in sales, marketing and M&A. Most recently Annink was Senior Director for the National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS a.k.a. Saab cars), where he headed the company’s transformation to a global provider of sustainable mobility solutions. Connect with Michel on LinkedIn


Henrik Jeberg

Hampleton Partners’ Director based in Silicon Valley. He is an expert in M&A, enterprise software, information security, analytics, strategic alliances and partnerships, helping companies grow – fast and internationally.  As well as leading many tech companies around the world, Jeberg was also CIO at the Danish Ministry of Finance. Jeberg recently launched his co-authored book, Return of the Vikings – Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change, which offers a perspective on Nordic societies, their leadership style and way of doing business. Connect with Henrik on LinkedIn.