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In Hampleton's Tech M&A 2020 Outlook report, we take a look at how tech developments contribute to the fluctuating M&A industry of today. 

As long as interest rates remain low and cash continues to pile up at both strategic and financial investors, we also expect 2018 to see a rebound in M&A activity, rather than continuing a downward cyclical trend. 

The space will see new, upcoming technologies such as blockchain, AI/machine learning, autonomous/connected vehicles, big data, IoT and cloud fresh tech to the market. To get more in-depth insight, register to download our 2020 Outlook report below.

  • Gain insight into 2020 outlook on M&A volume and valuation for Automotive Tech, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, Fintech, Healthtech, High-Tech Industrials and IT Services 
  • 2017 M&A volumes and total deal values in a downward correction from 2015's peak 
  • Private equity feeding frenzy as strategic buyers are slowing acquisition volumes



An overview of recent buying patterns, economic factors and a look at the future of tech M&A deals across eight key sectors.

Keep track of how many deals are being done and the most proactive buyers.

What factors are driving strategic investors and private equity firms? What multiples are they paying and which sectors are attracting them?


Welcome to your Tech M&A Outlook 2020

"The team and I very much enjoyed putting together the Tech M&A Outlook 2020 and I'm delighted that you've taken the time to download it. 

Our anaylsis is that despite the slowdown in the second half of the year, the overall outlook in the foreseeable future is very positive as continued technological disruption forces established vendors and new market entrants to innovate and stay competitive via tech M&A.

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Miro Parizek

Principal Partner

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