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Strong M&A Momentum as Traditional Car Manufacturers and Suppliers Buy up Start-ups (webinar)

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When Karl-Thomas Neumann, former CEO of Opel and Continental, joins an electric vehicle (EV) start-up called Evelozcity, claiming: ‘traditional carmakers do not have what it takes to be the leaders in the next generation of transport’, then we know that the once traditional world of the auto industry is experiencing a severe wake-up call.

Business-as-usual is now a thing of the past, as OEMs and suppliers are now looking at large-scale acquisitions of disruptive autotech businesses to transform their operations, sales and service offerings before they lose out to the new players, such as Tesla and Waymo.

Recent acquisitions underlining this trend include automotive giant Continental’s $400 million purchase of security software firm Argus Cyber Security Automotive and Quantum Inventions, a Singapore-based navigation & fleet management company, and Delphi’s nuTonomy purchase.

If you are looking to take advantage of the supercharged momentum and are thinking about either buying or selling an autotech company, we invite you to join Hampleton Partners’ founder Miro Parizek, and world-renowned automotive M&A expert, David Riemenschneider,  on our autotech webinar on Wednesday 23 May 2018, 16:00-17:00  BST.

Miro, David and the Hampleton Partners team were recently behind one of the most innovative auto industry tech deals, with the sale of  its client BrightBox’s AI-first connected car technology platform to insurance giant Zurich. Zurich snapped up BrightBox to contribute to its leadership in the ‘smart car’ sector.

Read more about the BrightBox and Zurich deal here.

Our autotech M&A specialists, Miro Parizek and David Riemenschneider will lead the session and provide you with the latest insights and analysis to help drive a path to profit and growth for your business, with a discussion about:

  • Automotive technology market trends
  • The commodification of behaviour and driver data
  • The role of AI in autotech
  • Recent key M&A transactions and market sentiment
  • How do you best prepare your company and senior team for an intense, nine-month M&A process?
  • Which external advisors do you need to have in place to ensure a smooth M&A process and to gain maximum value?
  • Q&A session

Register here for the Autotech M&A Webinar.

This is a great opportunity to learn from hands-on experts in M&A at Hampleton Partners, whose mission is developing focused strategies to build and extract the best value for companies with technology at their core.

We look forward to you joining us on our Autotech M&A Webinar  on 23 May, If you have a question you’d like to submit in advance, please email jo.goodson@hampletonpartners.com.

About the speakers

Miro Parizek is Founder and Principal Partner at Hampleton Partners. Miro has been responsible for scores of successful transactions across software, Internet and IT services sectors in 22 countries. Connect with Miro to find out more.

David Riemenschneider is Hampleton’s auto industry expert. Originally from Detroit, David worked for Ford in the U.S. and Europe in several leadership positions. David also worked with global OEMs, delivering managed data solutions and SaaS platforms as the CEO of the Clifford Thames Group. Connect with David to find out more.

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