Report Introduction

SaaS & Cloud report just released

  • Heightened focus on the role of cloud infrastructure in cybersecurity
  • The growing number of organizations taking advantage of high-performance cloud solutions fuels M&A frenzy for assets
  • Increased cloud capacity and adoption spark push towards investment in data storage companies

Executive Summary

Over time, software-defined infrastructure has rapidly become the de-facto standard for business and IT systems, replacing legacy environments with cutting-edge cloud-based applications, improved storage capacity and state-of-the-art networking tools. More recently, automation is increasingly paving the way for the next wave of enterprise application deployments.

Top Aquirers

Deal Geography

Where are the biggest deals happening in the world? Where should you concentrate your efforts to build buyers or disruptive businesses that could help transform your company?

A definitive list of the top acquirers: what does this tell us about the direction of the sector and how could this affect your company's M&A.

How much is your company worth? What should you be paying for your next M&A transaction? Get the essential overview on deal values.

Valuation Metrics

Top Buyers in the Report

Why has a new urgency returned to SaaS & Cloud?

"While the overall market for software is expected to grow about 8.5% in 2018, the SaaS market is growing at a much higher pace of 23% (according to IDC and Gartner). Combined with the more predictable business of software-as-a-service companies, this explains the continued appetite of buyers for deals in this sector.

Some SaaS segments, such as CRM or HR, are already showing signs of maturation, while others such as Health-IT or Big Data Analytics still have great potential ahead. We believe that deal activity as well as valuations will remain at a high level for the foreseeable future. "

Axel Brill


Hampleton Partners