Global health and population trends underpin an industry that is being rapidly disrupted by new technologies – wearables, connected systems and mission-critical healthcare software are addressing the multitude of demands necessary to be met in a modern medical and life sciences system.

Spanning life sciences, biotech and medtech, the vast sector is experiencing a seismic shift in the funding and modernization of a broad range of assets from consumer-facing apps and more advanced technology for healthcare workflows to electronic healthcare records and machine-learning backed data for disease prevention, communication services and host of other demands.

The result is a consistently growing number of M&A transactions that reflect this increased pace in innovation.

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HealthTech M&A Market Report


 Market Report

Top Buyers

  • Deals driven by the ongoing digitalization of healthcare, making the entire medical experience smoother and safer for patients and healthcare professionals
  • North America leads the way in Healthtech M&A as it boasts a huge domestic demand for solutions and a competitive private healthcare provision market
  • Increased focus by entrepreneurs and investors on data and analytics to tackle cost and waste for institutions, as well as to identify, track and manage healthcare and genetic risks in patients
  • Medical benefit management to become increasingly common amid an evolving political landscape and key policy changes

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Where are the biggest deals happening in the world? Where should you concentrate your efforts to find buyers or disruptive businesses  that could help transform your company? 

A definitive list of the top acquirers: what does this tell us about the direction of the sector and how could this affect your company's M&A strategy?

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Top Acquirers


Hampleton Partners

Ralph Huebner Sector Principal eCommerce Digital Maketing Hampleton Partners

"Despite the high level of M&A activity, which Hampleton believes will continue and most likely pick up speed, this period has been unremarkable in that most M&A activity has been conducted within the orthodox Healthtech sector.

But the reality is significant innovation rarely comes from within an industry — it's outsiders that have to break the mould. So, it's the movement of new players into the healthcare M&A market during 2018 that could be its most interesting feature with step-changes being driven the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon.  

These and other companies have access to consumers, devices and data and vast resources to drive change even in a highly-regulated market and who have already showed an interest in this massive and complex segment. The response of the incumbents to a new competitive pressure will undoubtedly be to increase the intensity of their M&A activity with a resulting upward pressure on valuations."

Jonathan Simnett


 Market Report