Hampleton partners and directors including Frank Berger, Miro Parizek and Axel Brill have founded and held senior management positions at companies such as Digital Equipment, Electronic 2000 and Singhammer eDMS Consulting and have also led M&A and corporate finance transactions in the IT Services sector with companies such as Edvantage, IQ Products (sold to Systeatics), LOGOS (sold to NESS Technologies) and North American Software.

At Hampleton, we find that the IT Services industry is well along the path of consolidation as companies capitalise on the strategic benefits of adding niche competences, industry specialisation, process intelligence and global scale. Our Sector Principals predict that those companies that have a well-defined offering set with a fair degree of specialisation will be the ones to grow. Expanding companies will and are acquiring competencies that provide greater depth to their area of focus.

One of the key terms in IT Services M&A remains – consolidation, a trend that will continue due to specialization, broad technology transformations and an increasing demand for IT outsourcing.

Our IT Services focus sector covers the following areas:

  • IT Outsourcing
  • Integration Services
  • Distribution and Technology Supports

For more information about IT Services M&A, feel free to download complimentary copy of our latest research report covering transactions and trends.

IT Services Report