Convergence of high-tech production and information systems are creating the need for large enterprises to innovate at ever increasing speeds driving demand for the acquisition of companies with advanced production solutions. We designate this coming together of real-time data exchange, mass individualisation of production and full machine-machine communication as Industry 4.0.

Hampleton’s Sector Principal, Peter Baumgartner, leads our industry 4.0 team. With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing industry M&A, he has significant experience in buy-side and sell-side transactions in and around the high-tech industry. Our team’s experience includes industry transactions involving FABEG GmbH, Schaltbau AG, Bremi Autoelektrik GmbH, era Elektrotechnik, Technitrol Inc. (today: Pulse Electronics Inc.), Powertrain, WSV Messebau GmbH, Mohrbach Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, and Weisshaar Kunststofftechnik und Formenbau GmbH. Principal Partner, Miro Parizek, as well as Sector Principal, David Riemenschneider, compliment Peter’s experience, providing transactional experience In the manufacturing and transportation sectors.

The Industry 4.0 sector is a focus area of Hampleton where we see, in Europe in particular, two major trends developing in the space: the drive towards highly sophisticated products, and the individualisation of almost any product. All manufacturers are reacting to these trends by making their processes more flexible and focusing on specialisation. Larger producers are typically less nimble and innovative, driving acquisitions as they strive to provide the most innovative production solutions to their manufacturing customers. Increased spending in R&D and IT integration are also changing the horizons of industrial manufacturers. Combining IT, big data, planning algorithms and robotisation, with traditional industrial expertise is opening the door for M&A as an opportunity for company development in this area.

Industry 4.0 report