Many players focused on strengthening their e-commerce and distribution capabilities to expand access to alternative business models. Driven by the success of social and mobile, “local” is getting its share of attention in 2013.

Our senior professionals in the e-commerce space include Alexander Franke, Henrik Jeberg, Ralph Huebner and Jo Goodson. They have founded or co-founded Internet companies, and have senior strategic development, consulting and business unit management experience in the e-commerce sector at companies including Any Friend of Ours, Ascio Technologies, FashionFinder, Mediatonic, PlayMob and Six to Start.

Hampleton members have worked in the e-commerce segment since its conception over a decade ago, focusing on optimising personalisation, analytics, cross platform access and enhancing the customer experience. More recently we see ‘Social Media’ as a channel opportunity with a growing frequency of transactions in this area. From our extensive research in this focus area, we found that continued activity in the Marketing & Interactive Services sector drove transaction volume in the first half of 2013, which accounted for nearly one third of the total deals announced and approximately 25% of transaction value.

Hampleton’s e-commerce focus area includes the following four sub-sectors:

  • Media and Entertainment Services
  • Advertising and Information Services
  • Retail
  • Social Networking

Hampleton maintains close contact with important buyers in the sector who are also readers of our research.

For more information about e-commerce M&A, please feel free to request a complimentary copy of our 2015 research report covering e-commerce transactions and trends.

e-Commerce Report