Our senior professionals in the e-commerce space include Ralph Hübner, Henrik Jeberg, Jo Goodson and David Riemenschneider. They have founded or co-founded internet companies and have senior strategic development, consulting and business unit management experience in the e-commerce sector at companies including Any Friend of Ours, Ascio Technologies, FashionFinder, Mediatonic, PlayMob and Six to Start.

Hampleton members have worked in the e-commerce segment since its conception, focusing on optimising personalisation, analytics, cross platform access and enhancing the customer experience.

Hampleton’s e-commerce focus area includes the following four sub-sectors:

  • Media and Entertainment Services
  • Advertising and Information Services
  • Retail
  • Social Networking

For more information about e-commerce M&A, please feel free to request a complimentary copy of latest report covering e-commerce transactions and trends.

E-Commerce Report