Why Automotive Cyber Security Must Improve For Driverless Cars

Henrik Jeberg

When we think of autonomous driverless cars, we usually give them a science-fiction sheen. We think of clean, state-of-the-art vehicles, whisking us smoothly from place to place, silently and without a hitch. The reality, unfortunately, could be different. While driverless cars should theoretically be safer than cars driven by people because they eliminate human error (and don’t use phones or …

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Does insurtech threaten the established insurance industry?

Miro Parizek

Technology has been disrupting the financial and insurance industry since the Big Bang in 1986, when automation and electronic trading revolutionised the London Stock Exchange. Now it’s the turn of the insurance sector to face fundamental change as new companies, offering new ways of doing business, take on established incumbents. Whether it’s price comparison sites giving customers quick and affordable …

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