Enterprise Mobility is the Future – the Desktop is Dying

Super Admin

Mobile computing has emerged as the winning platform. According to GlobalStats, mobile operating systems are installed on 55% of all digital devices globally. Only three years ago, Microsoft’s Windows was still the dominant operating system. Now, its share is down to 36%. Because of this shift, businesses want to take more of their activity mobile, taking advantage of all the …

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Big Data In Finance

The Rise of Big Data In Finance

Mike Woods

Rise of big data in finance is impacting everything from customer acquisition, cybersecurity, marketing and productivity. Banks and financial institutions have always known a great deal about their customers. Previously, these reams of information sat in big files, or on spreadsheets and databases. It was used to assess customers’ worthiness for mortgages and loans, but not much else. Today, banks …

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IT Services M&A Activity Has Another Winning Year

David Kinney

Will the IT Services M&A sector ever slow down? That’s the big question we’re asking ourselves at Hampleton. According to the findings in our latest IT Services M&A report, the second half of 2015 saw a whopping 28% increase in the total transaction count to bring the half-year total to 509 recorded deals. This number represents a year-over-year increase by …

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