How Can Employers Guard Against CyberAttacks

Henrik Jeberg

Cybercrime is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. In 2017 there were 159,700 cyberattacks reported worldwide, exposing more than seven billion data records. These included the headline-grabbing attack on the credit evaluation agency Equifax, where hackers exploited a vulnerability in their application framework, gaining access to personal data belonging to 146 million people around the world. …

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How will Self Driving Cars Disrupt the Insurance Industry?

Jonathan Simnett

Self-driving cars are here. What used to be the preserve of science-fiction is now becoming reality and it has the potential to change everything we have become used to in life. Autonomous vehicles will change the way we travel, socialise and trade. And whilst it is obvious that the existing automotive giants, under threat from new entrants, will need to …

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Enterprise Mobility is the Future – the Desktop is Dying

Super Admin

Mobile computing has emerged as the winning platform. According to GlobalStats, mobile operating systems are installed on 55% of all digital devices globally. Only three years ago, Microsoft’s Windows was still the dominant operating system. Now, its share is down to 36%. Because of this shift, businesses want to take more of their activity mobile, taking advantage of all the …

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Tech M&A in the Nordics - Hampleton Partners

Is Now the Right Time to Sell your Nordic Tech Company?

super admin

Join Hampleton Partners for our Nordic Tech M&A Webinar The tech industry has turned into a disruptive force that is reshaping the global landscape as we know it. And the Nordic region is the birthplace of many world-class tech unicorns that are transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Spotify, iZettle, Skype and Mojang are just some of the …

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How Machine Learning is Changing Sales - Hampleton Partners-min

How Machine Learning Is Changing Sales

Heiko Garrelfs

From the start-up needing early sales to demonstrate its viability to investors, the scale-up looking for the next round of funding or the established multinational attempting to stay ahead of the competition, sales is the lifeblood of business.  Machine learning is making waves in every area of business. Sales is no different. Incorporating machine learning into sales software allows businesses …

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Hampleton Partners Jonthan Simnett BaseCase Certara Deal Team

Presenting Value in Pharma and Medtech – Certara Moves Ahead with BaseCase Acquisition

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The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to demonstrate the value delivered by new medications and devices and reduce the time between development and deployment to amortise huge R&D costs. The news that Berlin-based BaseCase has been sold to Princeton New Jersey-based Certara in a deal enabled by Hampleton Partners, could signal a new wave of disruption that will impact …

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