The Rise of HRtech: How AI is Revolutionising the Recruitment Industry

Axel Brill

As we all know, recruitment is based on people. People are what drives the industry.  Yet how is this very human, personal industry adjusting to the so-called ‘march of the machines’? Recruitment, like every other sector, is going through a period of disruption, thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technology.  So, what will happen to the …

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Why Diversity in the Workplace is Good for Company Growth and Profitability

Super Admin

Despite years of discussion, diversity in the workplace is still a hot topic with women and black, Asian and ethnic minorities (BAME), who continue to demand more representation in executive teams as well as equality of pay and opportunity in the workplace. Businesses need to understand, that virtue signalling isn’t enough. There is a business case for promoting diversity at …

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