Autotech M&A – Webinar

Autotech M&A Webinar 19th October 2017,

Time: 3:30 PM BST / 4:30 PM CET / 10:30 AM EST


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Deal rebound is a sign of activity to come

2017 so far has seen a pick-up in deal activity versus last year’s final half, but the important take away is not the number of transactions but rather the types of deals being executed. We’re seeing huge automakers like Ford investing billions into start-ups like Argo AI. Even Intel is spending $15 billion on companies that didn’t crack 9 figures in revenue until 2014. The trend underlying all automotive applications now – be it in autonomous driving, connected vehicles, automotive CRM, online vehicle information content – boils down to one key idea: early adoption. And with a slew of now-maturing VC-backed auto companies with cool tech and even cooler data coming onto the scene, OEMs, suppliers and new entrants alike are feeling the heat to get ahead with the best tech and the best data – while they still can.


Our webinar will give a brief overview of

automotive technology market trends,

the commodification of behaviour and driver data,

AI in automotive tech

key recent M&A transactions,

M&A market sentiment



David Riemenschneider