Industry 4.0 Supply chain management

Industry 4.0 meets Logistics 4.0 – Advanced Supply Chain Management

Jonathan Simnett

With much of the talk around technological innovation in the UK focused on London and the south east of England, it’s easy to forget that the cradle of the world’s first industrial revolution was the Midlands and North of England.

This drove a period of unprecedented innovation and change right up to the second half of the last century when decline set in and the coal steel, textile and chemical industries and their supporting infrastructure contracted and all but disappeared.

Now that we are in the throes of a new, digitally-driven, industrial revolution – `Industry 4.0` –  the North is again driving the agenda, with the Sheffield City Region building a reputation as a world centre for innovation and application in many areas of Industry 4.0-enabling technologies.

Opportunities for growth

Sheffield’s emerging leadership in advanced supply chain management – `Logistics 4.0` – both as a driver for the city’s growing digital and manufacturing industries and as a sector are creating new opportunities for regeneration and growth.

With the emergence of techniques such as advanced data analytics, digital supply chains, blockchain technology, autonomous decision making, smart warehousing and intra-logistics, it is vital that it continues to capitalise on supply chain management as it transforms over the next few years.

Free seminar

That’s why we are working with national law firm, Freeths, to present a free seminar in Sheffield on 21st March 2018.  There, academic, manufacturing and financial experts will be discussing issues including:

  • What is Sheffield’s economic opportunity as a centre for advanced logistics and supply chain management?
  • What are the fundamental drivers for the emergence of new technologies?
  • What are the enabling technologies in the development of smart logistics, and what will be the impact of blockchain?
  • How can academic research in this sector best be commercialised and how can the city best develop effective partnerships and technology transfer strategies?
  • Will Bitcoin become the new ‘reserve currency’ across the supply chain?
  • Why the current accelerating rate of change and disruption in the economy puts effective commercialisation and M&A at the centre of any long-term strategy for success in supply chain management?
  • Why planned M&A will be a critical component for technology companies to achieve growth, scale, internationalise, secure IP and drive continuous innovation and investment?

Expert speakers

Gordon Macrae, fastening manufacturer Gripple’s Special Projects Manager, who will be explaining the potential of Smart Logistics.

Ken Umezaki, Chief Business Officer at Dotblockchain Media, will show how use of blockchain technologies can influence music rights management.

Lenny Koh, Director of the Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre, who will be addressing how to create supply chains that are fit for the future.

John Palfreyman, Founder at Palfreyman Ventures, will be using case studies to highlight business blockchain fundamentals and their application to the supply chain.

Breakout sessions

Attendees at this free seminar can also attend breakout sessions on the subject of:

Come and join us in setting the agenda for the Northern Renaissance.

Free tickets can be obtained by registering here: