The M&A battle for Cybersecurity

Anton Rothe

Cybersecurity market trends 2016 is promising to be another great year for cybersecurity M&A. 2015 delivered 112 deals with almost $10 billion in disclosed value, yet YTD2016 has already seen 93 deals completed with $10.6 billion in disclosed value. Since the summer, we have seen four of the six largest cybersecurity deals completed since 2012: Symantec’s acquisition of Blue Coat …

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3 reasons why AI (machine-learning) M&A is set to surge

Miro Parizek

Artificial Intelligence has been around a long time. I studied about AI in the eighties. So, why should it “all of a sudden” rise in relevance? What is the impetus for a surge in related M&A activity in the next few years? Here are the three most important factors. Ubiquitous massive computing power Computing speed has been increasing greatly since …

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