UK M&A still has the core drivers on its side.

UK M&A expressed in dollar amounts isn’t the whole picture

Nicholas Milligan

In recent weeks, a range of opinion pieces and data sets have been published pointing to a downturn in UK M&A figures. Reuters suggest that the dollar value of all mergers and acquisitions in Great Britain following the Brexit vote have hit a 30-year low, a 62% decrease. That number rises to almost 70% in terms of inbound activity. A …

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AR/VR Snapshot

Anton Rothe

Giants are continuing to snap up AR/VR Startups Both funding and M&A in the virtual and augmented reality space was kicked off by the high profile Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR in 2014 for $2b. Since then, Oculus VR has been very active in the M&A markets, acquiring 8 companies in total with 6 VR related software companies, latest in May …

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