IT Services – a hot sector in 2015?

Rachel Muzyczka

As our IT Services, Distribution and Outsourcing Report highlights, the IT services sector attracts the widest types of buyers in the tech industry. Looking alone at the top ten acquirers in the past two and a half years (not to mention the 1550+ that acquired just one IT services company)  – three were digital agencies, three were IT consulting firms, two …

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Digital Health – “Smart Money VCs” pumping money into Healthcare IT

Miro Parizek

Earlier this month we released a report on M&A in Healthcare IT (another descriptor for Digital Health). The report highlights how both total value and number of transactions in the sector are increasing. Disclosed deal value was $15.2 billion in the last 12 quarters with a 32% increase in transactions volume yoy. Read more by downloading the report from …

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Huge growth in the Healthcare IT M&A market


Hampleton’s research into the healthcare IT M&A space has found that over the past 3 years, the market has seen significant growth. Aggregate transaction value has increased by over 50% since July 2012, with a total disclosed transaction value of $15.2 billion, and volume in the market has seen a 32% relative in the past year. North America dominates With …

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