Industry 4.0 hits Agriculture – Driving growth in Tech M&A

Rachel Muzyczka

Agricultural technology software M&A is reaping yields, the number of transactions in the past two years is almost as many as the preceding decade. Agriculture or Farming 4.0 is on the rise:  Technology innovations to make production more efficient and flexible, products more customised and customers more integrated into value chains are revolutionising the agricultural sector. ‘Connectivity’ is the buzz word: the industry …

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Recent FIFA Arrests Highlight the Value of GRC Software for Enterprises

David Kinney

On Wednesday May 27th, FIFA executives gathered at the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich did not receive the polite wake-up call that they might have expected from the five-star establishment. According to the New York Times, a hotel concierge called one high-ranking member of world football’s governing body and informed him that he would need to open his door or …

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