Beginner’s Guide to Leveraged Buyouts

Miro Parizek

For a PE (i.e. financial investor) to optimize the IRR on their equity investment, they use leverage when it is available. Links to definitions for PE, IRR, etc. can be found at the end of the blog. It took over three years after the great recession for banks and other institutions to make debt more readily available. And now, it …

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Market Snapshot 2014 – Telecom OSS/BSS

Rachel Muzyczka

Hampleton’s Telecom OSS/BSS Market Snapshot is available to download today!   Activity within the OSS/BSS sub-segment of carrier infrastructure has been steady over the last three years with a $5 billion disclosed transaction total and a high $88 million median value per transaction. Our market snapshot provides analysis of the top OSS/BSS buyers including notable acquirers such as Amdocs, CSG …

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