How to get $500 million or more for a business without revenues?

Miro Parizek

Yesterday, I was speaking at an executive briefing in Frankfurt, Germany. “Is it revenues or profits that drive valuations?“ was a question that cropped up. Well ultimately, it’s all about making money not just revenues. But, then why do we so often read about deals where some mega-enterprise spends tons of cash on companies that have little to no revenues? …

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IT Services Sector: Market to reach $1.1 trillion by 2017

Lynda Tripp

According to Gartner Group’s year-end 2013 reports, the worldwide IT services market will reach $921.7 billion, and will exceed $1.1 trillion in 2017. Outsourcing will contribute more than half of market growth. Gartner’s slight downward revision comes from reductions in the market’s largest contributor, IT outsourcing, specifically, in colocation, hosting and data centre outsourcing growth rates. Gartner analysts are seeing …

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