Acqui-Hire Deals – A Trend or the New Normal

Lynda Tripp

An acqui-hire happens because the asset in these deals is the innovators rather than the company itself. Done right, an acqui-hire approach gives established companies the ability to swiftly fill talent demands with individuals who not only possess the right skill sets, but also intimately understand the industry. The acqui-hire phenomenon, deemed first started by Facebook, has become a way …

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Hampleton insights into the MS/Nokia transaction

Rachel Muzyczka

Hampleton’s Sector Principals, Alexander Franke and Christian Daher, give their opinions on the prospective synergies that drove this transaction, the benefits this acquisition brings, and what we can expect in the future. Christian, do you think this transaction was a complete surprise or was it eagerly awaited? It was not surprising that Microsoft ended up acquiring Nokia’s handset and services …

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