Executive Briefing: Industry 4.0 – Reinventing the Northern Economy

The emergence of Sheffield and NAMC the as a new centre for world-class, high-value, advanced manufacturing


Date:        Thursday, 7th September 2017
Venue:     Curzon Cinema, 16 George St, Sheffield S1 2PF
Time:       4.00 pm – 8.30 pm

The next five years will see more changes in industrial operations than the previous twenty as we enter a phase of unprecedented acceleration in automation and data exchange in manufacturing and distribution industries. Technologies such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, will, together, create the “smart factories” of the future.

As `Industry 4.0` emerges, this creates huge potential opportunities for Sheffield and the Northern Advanced Manufacturing Corridor (NAMC) – already home to pioneers such as ARM, BAE, Boeing, McLaren and Rolls Royce – not just in the development of advanced materials, but in the delivery of new manufacturing techniques emerging from the integration of information and operational technologies and the application of analytics, cyber security, diagnostics and A.I. to deliver faster time to market and efficiency of distribution.

Held in association with commercial legal experts, Freeths, Hampleton Partners invites you to a seminar at which you will get answers to these questions

  • What is Sheffield and NAMC’s economic opportunity as a centre for Industry 4.0?
  • What are the fundamental drivers for the new breed of Sheffield and NAMC-based companies?
  • What are the enabling technologies and macro trends in Industry 4.0?
  • What is happening in Germany and what can this tell us about the opportunity for the opportunity for Sheffield and the Northern Advanced Manufacturing Corridor?
  • How can industry, academia, government and finance together drive change and create opportunity?
  • Why the current accelerating rate of change and disruption in the economy puts M&A at the centre of any long- term strategy for success in Industry 4.0
  • Why planned M&A will be critical component of the Northern industrial renaissance to achieve growth and to scale, internationalise, secure IP and drive continuous innovation and investment.
  • How has industry 4.0 affected company valuations?

Distinguished speakers and panel members will include

  • Investor and entrepreneur, Michael Axelgaard of AI Seed and Indie Capital
  • Engineer, entrepreneur and technology M&A specialist, Dr.-Ing. Peter Baumgartner of Hampleton Partners
  • Venture capitalist and innovation specialist, Chris Winter, CEO of Brightstar Partners
  • International entrepreneur, branding and digital communications expert, Nick Morgan of Kollider Projects
  • Entrepreneur, technology marketer and M&A specialist, Jonathan Simnett of Hampleton Partners
  • Virtual reality expert, AMRC’s Dr. Rab Scott
  • More speakers and panel members will be announced shortly

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