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Hampleton’s newest 1H 2017 IT Services Report is now available

Hampleton’s report covers the period July 2014 to December 2016 and analyses M&A activity in IT Services over the last five semi-annual periods.

EBITDA multiples in the sector have risen steadily in the last two years, with the 2H 2016 trailing 30-month median EBITDA multiple climbing to 9.8x, just shy of a 10.1x peak during 1H 2013.

Even as the market matures, M&A remains buoyant with strong demand from strategic, serial acquirers seeking bolt-on deals. Based on the upward trend in EBITDA multiples and increasing interest from Asian acquirers, the IT services consolidation wave is likely to carry into 2017.

The report also includes

  • Trends and analysis of deal activity
  • Geographical split of sector transactions globally
  • IT Services valuation medians
  • Metrics by sub-sector
  • Discussion of transaction implications
  • Top 7 sector buyers

February 2017

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