Low countries – high M&A expectations – BENELUX

Webinar:     M&A in BENELUX

Date:             Thursday, 5th October 2017

Time:             4 pm (CET)

Cyber Security is the word on everyone’s lips, and for good reason. American intelligence agencies can access all sorts of apps and devices by previously unknown backdoors, hackers can commandeer autonomous vehicles and drive them off the road, state-sponsored malefactors can shut down factories and other critical infrastructure. Enterprise security can no longer be an afterthought, and heightened M&A deal activity underpins this scramble to provide a robust, reliable and successful Cyber Security solution. It’s not just the Symantecs, Palo Altos and FireEyes that are driving this deal flow: by our count, some 10% of enterprise security deals are led by acquirers previously absent in this sector.

At the webinar, you will receive an overview of the key issues to consider if you are considering selling your company together with detailed information and exclusive research about recent transactions in each hi tech sector; including deal volumes, trends, multiples and top buyers.


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Selected Topics

What’s my motivation? Why buyers buy & sellers sell.

Too early, too late?  Optimising exit timing.

The transaction process. Getting the deal done.

Due diligence. What’s involved & what to expect?

What are my chances? M&A environment by region & sector.

This Webinar is aimed at owners and senior executives at technology companies that are considering an exit and are interested in learning more about the current BENELUX Tech M&A conditions.




Nicholas Milligan, Analyst                                      Miro Parizek, Sector Principal