The Automotive technology sector has been experiencing a great uplift in valuations; not only for new and advanced technology targets, but also longstanding firms that have brought new technology into their portfolios.

Hampleton’s Sector Principal, David Riemenschneider, leads our Automotive technology team and has managed a number of M&A transactions and integrations of companies such as IMS Advansys, PC Services, KeyWorth and Fleet Influence; he also has led Clifford Thames Ltd. through various Private Equity transactions. With over 30 years in leading roles at OEMs, T1s and business services suppliers, he has significant experience in a wide range of businesses developing and executing on acquisition strategies in the automotive embedded engineering, IoT/M2M, telematics, business services, content management and data analytics space. He has also worked in an interim role to develop a telematics-based fault-driven vehicle service strategy for a global T1 supplier as well as consulted on several M&A projects in Europe, US and India.

Principal Partner, Miro Parizek, as well as Sector Principal, Peter Baumgartner, complement David’s experience, providing transactional experience in the manufacturing and industrial sectors

We continue monitoring great interest from both strategic and financial buyers in the automobile industry. Connected cars, digital dashboards, embedded hotspots, Ethernet, IoT, and the possibility of autonomous vehicles, are just a few of the disruptive forces impacting the automotive industry today. New names, as far as the car industry is concerned, come to mind: Apple, Google, and Vodafone to name just a few. Traditional automotive industry vendors such as Bosch, Delphi, and Visteon will need to keep up with the pace. While they and the many other established automotive industry vendors may develop some new innovations in house, the technology industry is moving so fast while consumers’ demands are evolving at accelerating speeds, it is clear that they will all need to make acquisitions to stay ahead of the curve, never mind staying relevant.

Our research indicates that there have been over 180 acquirers active in the sector in just the last 30 months. For data on valuations, information about acquisition drivers and trends, as well as top buyer lists, please feel free to request a complimentary copy of most recent research report covering Automotive Technology M&A.

Automotive Technology Report