Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – New Technologies are creating long term changes for all of us.
Google’s acquisition of Eyefluence Inc. shows Google’s vision for its future in the AR/VR space. Eyefluence’s technology enables the future of AR/VR interaction by allowing the user to select items with their eyes. In addition to Google’s cardboard VR set, it has spent more than $500m investing in Magic Leap.

Samsung acquired Viv Labs Inc, a mobile speech recognition and artificial intelligence app in October 2016. As a standalone Viv Labs, was created by the developers of Siri to offer a software enabling developers to create intelligent, conversational interfaces. Speech recognition software companies have been previously been picked up by other giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google who have inked 10 in the last 5 years. Samsung acquired Viv Labs with the intent of continuing their approach in creating a smart connected home.

In August, New York Times also involved itself in AR/VR by acquiring Face Love, a provider of AR/VR enabled marketing campaigns. The Times is intending to combine the capabilities of HelloSociety and T Brand with Fake Love to put itself in a position as a multifaceted agency.